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ULVA is a high quality service dealer and authorized distributor of assistive technology serving people with special needs since 1988. ULVA 855-Go-2-ULVA Seeing with Technology
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ClearView+ HD Ultra Flexible Arm System

This ClearView+ High Definition (HD) system magnifies text and photos from 3X up to 65X. Featuring true HD image quality, enabling excellent text overview and very smooth characters even at very low magnification levels.
Monitor tilts up and down
Clearview + HD Video Magnifier

One Button Simplicity To Endless Possibilities. Magnify from 3X-65X!

Clearview 22 video magnifier advanced technology creates an optimal reading environment with smooth, crisp images decreasing eye fatigue. This means faster reading for longer periods of time.

The Ultra Flexible Arm (UFA) TFT Monitor. Ergonomic design increases reading time and pleasure by eliminating fatigue. The ClearView+ sets the standard in ergonomic design. With the magnification and mode buttons placed on the table, the user can change settings without removing their hands from the table. The need for repetitive arm lifting is eliminated. Moreover, the ultra low table wrist pads offer continuous support for increased comfort and speed. The “one touch” electronic table brake, instantly and effortlessly stops all sliding movements so the user never looses their place. Not frequently used buttons are placed behind a slider. For perfect ergonomic distance between the eye and the monitor, the ClearView+ Generation 2 (G2) 19” and 22” monitors come standard with a five directional “ultra flexible TFT arm”. The Ultra Flexible Arm (UFA) allows the user to adjust the monitor to their preferred position with ease. The screen can be moved up or down, telescoped forward or backwards, tilted, angled left and right. The UFA also rotates 90-degrees and automatically flips the image to enable column reading



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