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Video Magnifiers

Portables Computer Compatible Desktops
  Clearnote+ Aumax LCD
Aukey Merlin Plus ClearView+
Amigo HD SmartView Graduate ClearView HD
Compact Mini Transformer myReader2
Pebble HD TwinView Arcrobat LCD
Pebble Mini Zoom-Twix Merlin HD /Merlin Elite
Compact 5HD Student Addition LifeStyle
Compact 7HD Student Addition Synergy SI
LifeStyle Candy Aumax S SmartView 360
Touch HD   MultiView
  ABISee, Inc. MagniLink Vision
  Zoom-Twix ZoomText Camera
  Eye Pay Vision  
  Eye Pal Reader  
HIMS More>> Humanware
SenseView Enhanced Vision SmartView Graduate
SenseView Duo Acrolite SmartView Versa
SenseView Light Acrobat LCD SmartView 360
LifeStyle Davinci Smartview Synergy PI
LifeStyle Candy Amigo Smartview Synergy SI
Optelec Pebble HD SmartView Versa
Compact Mini Pebble Mini MagniLink
ClearView+ Speech Max Student Addition
ClearView+ Merlin HD Student Professional
TwinView Merlin Elite MagniLink Vision
MultiView Magnisight Text to Speech
Clearview HD Magnisight Journey Magnilink Zip
Compact 5 HD Explorer 22" Student-S
Compact 7 HD    
Compact4 HD    
Touch HD    
Aumax LCD    
Aumax S    
Image Magnifier    

A video magnifier, or closed-circuit television (CCTV) uses a video camera to display a magnified image on a monitor or television screen. Video Magnifiers are used by people with low vision to help with reading and writing difficulties caused by visual impairments. The video magnifiers we carry come in a various shapes and sizes to meet any low vision need.

Please browse our complete listing of desktop video magnifiers, portable video magnifiers and computer compatible video magnifiers below. The video magnifiers listed below are grouped alphabetically by manufacturer. Now Free shipping!

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